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Water services Arizona

Bulk potable water in mesa, water delivery, water wagons, tanks, pumps, and hot water portable sinks.

Were Committed to offering the best BULK water hauling solutions in Arizona!

Drinking water is a basic essential of life; especially here in Arizona. Jim's Water Truck Service, LLC is a unique water company providing clean water supply to homes and businesses for a variety of circumstances. Jim has taken the time to create a system of hauling and storing water that meets the needs of homeowners and businesses. With a fleet of semi-trucks, tanker trailers, stand alone tanks, electric/gas pumps, and hoses. We have the versatility to do just about any job where clean water is needed.  

A little more details about the services we mentioned:

  • We service the entire state of Arizona
  • We can pressurize and run most businesses with potable water
  • Potable and Non-potable tank rentals
  • All of our tanks are FDA & NSF approved
  • Emergency Water , Emergency means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!
  • We can provide Potable, Non-Potable, and RO water
  • Hydrostatic Testing- Let us provide the potable water supply
  • We have drinking water and RO water in bulk
  • Pool Fills
  • Green or dirty pool water removal
  • We have a full line of Fresh water and Gray water tanks
  • We can Haul up to 5,200 gallons of clean water with each of our semi-trucks
  • water wagons provide a convenient means to deliver water to construction sites for a variety of applications, such as water supply for concrete saws, pressure washers, dust control, and fire prevention.

Jim's water truck service is a unique water hauling company providing bulk potable water distribution in Arizona. We have taken the time and listened to our customers and have found a way to be fast, friendly, and reliable. With our fleet of trucks and equipment we are sure to meet our customers needs be it big or small.

Emergency water delivery services are available across Arizona. Potable and non-potable water can be delivered and stored in water tanks of all sizes. We have provides dependable water delivery services along with competitive rates for water equipment and water supply throughout Arizona since 1999.