There are many situations where a portable sink is not only helpful but required.  For example, food preparers in remote locations are required by law to have a hand washing station available for any staff in contact with food in any way.  Day care centers, wedding receptions, public events like golf tournaments; all of these locations are perfect examples of where a portable sink can be very handy.  Looking at the variety of portable sinks available, one seems to stand out from the rest.  It took someone with a keen insight into the water delivery business to devise a perfect solution.

Jim Boyle, owner of Jim’s Water Truck Service has been in the water business a long time.  You’ll usually find Jim trucking water to disaster areas or those in emergency need of potable water.  Jim’s latest invention has the portable outdoor sink industry standing up paying attention.

While there are many outdoor portable sinks on the market to choose from, there are a few advantages that Jim’s hot water portable sinks seem to have over the more traditional portable sink.  In most cases, the term “portable sink” has limits on it’s portability. For example, many times a sinks portability is restricted by the need for an electric circuit to run the pump or heat the water.  Or perhaps the construction of the portable sink is not adequate to withstand moving the unit across rocky or uneven terrain.

Boyle claims his portable sinks set the new standard when it comes to real portability. “Our portable sinks have the ability to run off from battery power alone”, says Jim.  “And we’ve designed it to be the most rugged and durable outdoor portable sink on the market…it can literally be wheeled just about anywhere over any terrain and provide hundreds of hand washes on the spot”. With the ability to heat 30+ gallons of water using a cleverly designed onboard propane heating system, Jim’s portable sink solution offers the ability to instantly deliver hot water as well as cold.  Hot water portable sinks are available for sale or rent. 

Portable Hot Water Hand Washing Stations in Arizona

We offer full delivery, setup and takeaway service to all Arizona locations

Perfect for any remote event where hot or cold water is needed for sanitation or legal compliance;

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Remote Catering
  • Public Events
  • Fairs
  • Rodeos

In order to maintain a safe and clean work area, all of our hot water portable outdoor sinks meet or exceed Maricopa County guidelines and FDA compliant sinks. Food preparers are required to have access to a portable hand wash sink that delivers hot water. Besides maintaining regulatory compliance, an out door portable sink in a remote location simplifies the food preparation and clean task by delivering hot and cold running water right to the outdoor kitchen.

Jim's Water Truck Service, LLC

Portable sink options

Portable Hand Washing Station

  • Fully self contained
  • 5.5 gallon fresh tank and 7 gallon gray tank will provide 18-12 second hand washes at a time. Bigger tanks are available for both the fresh and gray water tanks.
  • Electric heater sinks can be used inside or outside
  • Propane heated sinks can be used outside only
  • Rugged wheels that allow access over any terrain
  • Paper towel and Soap dispenser

3 Compartment Sink

  • Includes a hand wash station on the backside
  • Hot water heater will provide 120-140 degree water
  • set up on rugged wheels that allow access over rough terrain
  • Propane heated and can only be used in a well ventilated outdoor event.