Jim's Water Truck Service, LLC




Achen Gardner- Rented 1,000 gallon trailer so they could haul water to their potable pipeline.

Forest Fire- Soldier Basin Fire out of Tucson

Fiesta Bowl- 3compartment sinks for dishwashing

Department of Agriculture- Rented a 2,500 gallon tank so they could wash test samples

CCA Prison- Well went down - we hauled potable water for 3 days to keep water running until their pump was fixed


Picacho Peak Water Co.- Contracted us to keep the town running while they fixed the city well. We enough water for the town for 4 days.

Country Thunder- this is a 4 day long event where we supply the water to over 400 motor homes

Johnson Ranch- we delivered 7 tanker trailers for the kids to fill their water bottles while their water supply was down

Towne of Pine- we supplied 3-5,000 gallon water storage tanks while they worked on their own tanks for 2 months


Chem Corp- hired us to bring water to the reservation Sacaton, AZ to spray down the creosote bushes because toxic red oxide powder blew on them.

Fresh Start Bakery- Called us for an emergency water fill when they lost their water supply to keep the bakery going the next day while they fixed the problem

Florence Prison- they called us when they had a large water main break. With 30,000 inmates we received a call at 3:00pm and were out the prison by 7:00 pm with 6 tanks and kept the prison running for 3 days


WD Manor Mechanical Contractors- hired Jim to Mayo Hospitals Hospice unit up and running while they were testing pipes

Achen Gardner- contracted with Jim's Water Truck Service for the city of Glendale water main break. We kept 7 houses and 4 duplex's running with water for 4 days.


Hickman Farms- we supplied over 10,000 gallons of water a day for 6 weeks to keep the eggs rolling


Bulk Potable Water in Mesa

Bulke Potable Water in Mesa,

We are Committed to offering the best BULK water hauling solutions in Arizona. Fast-Friendly-Reliable!

Drinking water is a basic essential of life; especially here in Arizona. Jim's Water Truck Service, LLC is a unique water company providing clean potable water supply to homes and businesses for a variety of circumstances. Emergency water delivery services are available across Arizona. Potable and non-potable water can be delivered and stored in water tanks of all sizes. We have provided dependable water delivery services along with competitive rates for water equipment and water supply throughout Arizona since 1999.  We are a unique company that specializes in water distribution. With out versatile fleet of trucks, tanker trailers, water storage tanks, water pumps, and specialized hoses. We have the ability to work in/out doors and get to places that most can't .